Design CUISINA, complete, trendy, affordable, simple and quality kitchens

Design CUISINA has managed to achieve a significant cost saving by manufacturing custom kitchens in a limited collection of high quality materials whose use is optimized by the wide range of integrated furniture available.

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Design CUISINA, des cuisines Wow à 5000$

Tastes of the greatest number

The idea that supports this concept is to create kitchens that correspond to the tastes of the greatest number. People-oriented concepts, intelligent kitchens designed to live in, kitchens for us.

Lighter, complete and adaptable to the needs of the majority of small or large families, do-it-yourselfer, loner, festive or vacationers. Thought to be easy to install so that any handyman who wants to take pleasure in doing it yourself.

Design CUISINA succeeded in obtaining all this because its philosophy is based on recent studies, statistics and surveys on the preferences demonstrated by Quebecers in terms of cooking.

Find inspiration for your new kitchen!

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Each of them has its particularities and is available in several patterns and finishes, we offer you a remarkable choice of materials!

Armoires Cuisines Action


Our kitchens are very well equipped and we believe that the quality of the hardware and accessories that make up the cabinets is paramount.