Acrilux Cabinets

With their simple lines and their high gloss looks, acrilux cabinets will give a modern and refined look to your kitchen or bathroom. 

Building the cabinets

Acrilux is a product consisting of acrylic resin which was created in order to obtain a glossy lacquered appearance at lower. We build the acrilux cabinet doors by covering one piece of particle with an acrylic sheet on both sides of the door. 

The 2 Types of Acrylic : Soft and Hard

Soft acrylic needs time to harden and it will do so when in contact with air. Once the film is removed, it is still soft. Therefore, we need to apply a hardening product to prevent scratches.   

Hard acrylic is the one we currently use. It doesn’t need hardening time for it is already at its maximum resistance.   


  • Scratch resistant antibacterial product  
  • Perfectly smooth and glossy surfaces
  • UV insensitive (ages very well +++)
  • Good humidity resistance 


  • Beware of scratches even if the door can be polished again
  • Only 1 choice of models of door available
  • Only one type of finish: glossy finish