European laminated cabinets 

European laminates: a choice to consider 

European laminates is one of the most recent innovations in the domain of cabinets . This product, developed in Europe, has recently been made available here in North America. This product is in the same category as the melamine and it differentiates itself through some interesting aspects. Since we can print patterns onto the material, it is easy to give it the texture of wood, granite, or other. We can also give it a high-gloss finish for an ultra-modern or Zen look. 

With its relatively low price and its textures, the European laminated cabinets are an option to seriously consider.

The built of the European laminated cabinets

European laminates is a product from Europe that uses multiple layers of melamine in order to offer a variety of different textures. They are obtained with a press, in which a mould with the desired print is inserted, and it prints the chosen pattern and gives it relief. Generally, European laminates is a bit thicker, but presents normally more texture than our local melamine. 


  • Very strong and easy maintenance
  • Interesting product with lower costs
  • Cabinets with relief
  • Waterproof, humidity and intensive use resistant


  • Hard to repair
  • Fingerprints more visible on mat finishes


Like melamine, the European laminates must be cleaned with a rag and gentle soap. Finish by wiping with a dry and clean cloth. 

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