Laminated countertops



The popularity of laminate countertops is far from surprising. Not only are they available in a vast selection of colours and finishes, these countertops are more the most affordable ones while being low maintenance. With all the options offered by laminate, it is easy to integrate it to any decor. 

You will easily find the laminate that will complement your needs among our selection. 

2 laminate countertop styles are offered: square edge laminate, and high pressure laminate.



High Pressure Laminate (HPL) countertops


High Pressure Laminate countertops are made of a sheet of particles covered with a sheet of laminate and glue. Since the sheet of laminate will be glued to the backsplash, to the counter, and to the front, no joint is necessary. 


*Offered with or without backsplash


  • Prevents bacteria and dirt accumulations
  • Vast choice of colours and finishes
  • Does not require any particular maintenance method
  • Affordable
  • Its front and backsplash are moulded (no joint)




  • Ends with joints (square ends)
  • Joint in 45-degree angles (watch for water infiltration)
  • Cannot be repaired or recycled
  • Low heat resistance



Square laminate countertops



Just like HPL, square laminate countertops are made of a layer of laminate covering a sheet of particles. However, the cut of the countertop will be different as per mentioned in its name, the counter will be square at the front and at the back. This slightly more expensive than HPL type of countertop will have a cut that will complement a modern decor and can provide a greater jointless surface.  

It is possible to line the front part of a Corian countertop with laminate or wood for a customized design, and add a backsplash if needed. Since the lining and the backsplash are not moulded together, a joint is required between these different parts. 


Laminate countertops characteristics


CharacteristicsLevel (/5)
General sustainability  3
Colour stability 4
Easy maintenance3


  • No corner joints (according to dimensions)
  • Does not require any particular maintenance method
  • Quick and affordable 
  • Possibility of different countertop depths 



  • Noticeable black line on the front (thickness of the laminate)
  • The end and the back are never moulded
  • Corner joints or is higher than 12’ (watch for water infiltration)
  • Cannot be repaired or recycled
  • Low heat resistance