Wood veneered cabinets


Wood veneer : ecological (environmentally friendly), welcoming, and more economical.


The veneer of this very popular product is advantageously reducing the quantity of wood used to build your kitchen cabinets. Only a thin layer of wood is glued to the panel of particles. This process results in the esthetics and warmth of hardwood, but at a lower cost. One of the strengths of veneer is that it limits warping risks and offers a heightened humidity resistance.  
At Armoires Cuisines Action we offer you 2 wood-veneered cabinet collections: local and exotic. These 2 collections can be differentiated by the direction of the cut of the wood used for the veneers. Let’s see a more detailed specification of both collections.

Exotic wood collection

The difference between the exotic wood veneer and the conventional veneer is that the piece of wood glued to the panel is made of reconstituted wood. The advantage is that it provides a large choice of decorative patterns to create various visual effects. The exotic essences draw attention by their appearance both appealing and captivating. 

The colours of the cabinets are vibrant and the graining can be enhanced to create an interesting contrast. Therefore, it is a material inspiring warmth that can compose with classic or rustic ambiance, but also with decors that are much more urban by choosing clean lines that will blend with minimalist styles. 

Just like the conventional veneer, it resists warping and humidity better than hardwood. 

Spicy and magical


The wood of the exotic collection is cut in the other direction of the wood. This cut will give a very modern look to your cabinets.




  • The flat door reduces risks of warping
  • Less expensive than hardwood 
  • More humidity resistant than hardwood
  • The cut creates a more modern and linear aspect
  • The raw material sampled has no impact on the environment (sustainable development) 
  • High definition of the patterns and more similar patterns
  • Only 4 colours available 
  • Only 1 model of door available
  • Poor scratch resistance
  • Sensitivity to aging
  • Yellowing or changes in colour possible