Melamine cabinets

Melamine: an undeniable popularity 

Thanks to their versatility, availability, and affordability, melamine cabinets stay a must-have in all trendy decors. Offered in a vast array of colours and finishes, melamine cabinets are easy to clean, are scratch proof and can perfectly match laminate countertops. 

Depending on the arrangement of fabrics, colours of painted walls and ceilings, and choice of countertops, cabinets can bring the final touch to all decors: traditional, classic, modern, contemporary, or futuristic. 

Big pieces will allow the dark colour superimposition for a dramatic effect. The dark hints allied to the light ones will reveal the interesting interplays of contrast and shadow. A harmony of light tones will create an aerial and light atmosphere. 

Enough to surpass yourself every time


Melamine is made of a board of particles or MDF (average density fibre) covered with a sheet of paper steeped in melamine. This sheet is bonded under the effect of heat and pressure directly onto the board. 


  • Product fitted to current trends
  • Easy maintenance
  • Multitude of colours and finishes
  • Affordable price for any budget
  • Good resistance to scratches (except for glossed melamine)


  • Only 1 model of door available
  • Heat and humidity sensitive 
  • Hard to repair
  • Fingerprints more visible on mat finishes 


Clean the cabinets with a damp rag and gentle soap in moderated quantity. Then wring with a clean and dry rag. 

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