It is known that the bathroom is one of the rooms that add the most value to your residence. By carefully planning its layout during the renovations or its construction, you ensure a profitable investment and long-term satisfaction. With the help of our vast selection of materials and our designers, you will find at Armoires Cuisines Action everything you may need to create the perfect bathroom or shower room.

Should it be for a vanity ready to be installed or for a complete layout, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us.

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With its integrated sink, the vanity or vanity is undoubtedly an important storage of the bathroom or the bathroom. Unlike a pedestal sink, the vanity can easily add storage without taking up too much space. The options are great for this piece of furniture.

You can choose a vanity by prioritizing the counter space or the compact aspect of this piece of furniture. Others will prefer to go with a double vanity vanity to allow customizable areas or multiple use. We offer a wide selection of materials and style for your vanity.


Lingerie is definitely a must in the bathroom or the bathroom. With its spaciousness and accessibility, this cabinet is ideal for storing towels, washcloths, toilet paper, bathrobes and other products that you want to keep nearby.

Although usually placed near the vanity, it is possible to place this lingerie where it best suits your bathroom. Our designers will advise you on the selection of materials, dimensions, design and location of your lingerie.

Medecine cabinet

Despite its small size, the medicine cabinet often plays several important roles. In addition to being a mirror, this cabinet is used to store products that serve us daily at hand while keeping them safe. It is the perfect place to store medicine and beauty products.

At Armoires Cuisines Action, your imagination is the only limit to what we can do with this cabinet. Whether for a bathroom or a powder room, our choice of materials and the advice of our designers will ensure you design the ideal pharmacy.

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Each of them has its particularities and is available in several patterns and finishes, we offer you a remarkable choice of materials!

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Our bathrooms are very well equipped and we believe that the quality of the hardware and accessories that make up the cabinets is paramount.