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Origine du Prospect

The kitchen is at the heart of our lives

A revealing piece, our cuisine expresses our personality and highlights our sense of hospitality. Set up your kitchen is live a thrilling episode. What could be more pleasant than to imagine the heart of his home?

Design CUISINA, Wow kitchens at $5000

complete, trendy, affordable, simple and quality kitchens

Significant cost savings

Design CUISINA has managed to achieve a significant cost saving by manufacturing custom kitchens in a limited collection of high quality materials de matériaux de haute qualité whose use is optimized by the wide range of integrated furniture available.

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Inspirations de cuisines


With our vast selection of cabinetry materials and the invaluable advice of our kitchen designers, you will surely get the coveted cuisine.


Other spaces

Well-thought-out planning and the right choice of materials will ensure cabinetry that you'll be proud of in all your spaces at home!


*Certain conditions may apply. Based on the Accord D financing of a $ 10,000 kitchen funded over 10 years at a declining 8.9% interest rate. Subject to credit approval. The interest rate is subject to change without notice. Interest rate of 21.9% calculated from the expiry date of the plan. For more details, see with your kitchen designer.